Carbon Removal


farmers trained


kg of biochar made

1.8 million kg of eCO2 averted

15.6 million km not driven

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We all need to play a role in addressing climate change. As 196 countries accepted in the Paris Agreement, just reducing our CO2 emissions is not enough. We MUST also remove CO2 forever to ensure a healthy planet.

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Offset your carbon footprint and improve lives today.

The value of an STS token includes the environmental impact of durable and long-term CO2 removal, eCO2 emission aversion and social benefits  for the once excluded smallholder farmers.

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We offer custom solutions and pricing to meet your CSR or ESG goals.

We are an IRS registered tax exempt non-profit in the United States and have similar arrangements in other countries, ask us about possible tax incentives.

Proceeds distributed to those who deserve it the most!

Smallholder farmers and local resources:  75%

Administration & support: 15%

Future project development, children’s home and education: 10%

Our Impact

We all need to play a role in addressing climate change. As shared in the Paris Agreement, we MUST remove
CO2 forever along with reducing emissions to ensure a healthy planet.


Permit rapid removal of CO2
and sequester
for 100's years


Help smallholder farmers help themselves by earning extra income


Save lives by reducing PM2.5


Income and gender equality, fair and equal hiring practices, jobs and
income for the once excluded smallholder farmers


Create community jobs, use profits to care for and educate children

Our Solution

Biochar Life provides a reliable and scalable solution that works with smallholder farmers to create biochar from waste biomass instead of burning it.

Biochar endures in the soil for 100s of years.

Monitoring, reporting and verification

Robust platform

Dedicated team for
+ verification

3rd Party
+ verification

See our farmers and team in action

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and teams in action.

10 Years

experience in biochar

Our experience

Warm Heart Worldwide has been teaching farmers how to make biochar for over 10 years. Our trainings and projects have been funded by:  

  • International Biochar Initiative Trainings
  • US State Department Grants (Thailand, Africa)
  • Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) Grant
  • Swiss Embassy in Bangkok Grant
  • Shangri-La Hotel CSR program
  • Public Donations
  • Warm Heart Worldwide was awarded
    the 2017 World Energy Award for

Our Team

country managers

Aom Kwanpirom Suksri


Sylvester G. Chiweza


Mercy Awuoro Ogembo


Abedi Sam Bawa


global leadership

Dr. Michael Shafer

Biochar Science & Methodologies

Evelind Schecter

Accounting & Compliance

Jason Highberger

Commercial Development & Financing

Sister Miriam Pauletter

Malawi Strategic Advisor 

Dr. Dana Brown

Strategic Advisor, Warm Heart Board Representation

STS Tokens provide trusted and verifiable CDR that elevates the
lives and income of smallholder farmers and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Biochar Life is a division of Warm Heart Worldwide which is a registered 501 c in the United States.  We have partner charities registered in Thailand and several African countries.

The majority of the proceeds goes into the hands of smallholder farmers and employees who are hired from the local community.  On average, 75% is distributed to the farmers and community.  15% is used for administration and support.  The remaining 10% is used for future project development or to support our children’s homes.  

Our first, and ongoing, biochar project was focused on training and working with smallholder farmers to stop open field burning and make biochar from their agriculture waste.  The campaign is called Stop the Smoke, hence STS.

With guidance from published research, historical data from our own experience and independent chemical analysis, we calculate that every tonne of biochar processed removes an average two (2) tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere..   


The feedstock is agriculture waste, mostly corn cob, corn stalks and tree branches. Carbon content varies by feedstock, but recent chemical analyses by independent labs indicate that our biochar contains 70% carbon. 


Our calculations include emission expenditures from the pyrolysis and processing of the biochar. We also include the emission benefits of preventing open field burning, which emits large amounts of CH4 (methane) into the atmosphere.


Over time, we will continue to update our calculations to ensure the most accurate CO2 removal impact.

The farmer or Biochar Life team members record all activities using the blockchain system. We have organized the activities into four (4) major steps: Biochar produced, biochar received, chemical analysis and biochar use (how the biochar is used once produced, that is whether buried or applied as fertilizer or mixed into animal feed). In each step, relevant data, pictures, and/or video are captured to provide verification of the activity.

We use local university labs to perform independent analysis of farmers' biochar. The analysis includes carbon content and other key chemical attributes. The report and data points are stored in the activity record for retrieval and auditing purposes.

Whenever a new activity is formally recorded in the blockchain, a Biochar Life team member verifies the entry. Once the data is added to the blockchain it cannot be changed. See the following article from regarding storing data on the blockchain.

Once Biochar Use has been approved, the system mints an STS token on the Stellar blockchain. The STS token provides customers proof of activities that cannot be changed. 

Yes.  Warm Heart instituted fair and equal hiring practices from the moment we started 13 years ago. The Biochar Project has gender and income equality as primary social aims through job creation for the poor and the creation of new income streams in rural communities.  


The feedstock used to make the biochar includes agricultural waste after a farmer’s harvest. Currently, we use corn cob, corn stalks and tree branches which would typically be burnt in the open field. Without the financial incentive to make and use biochar, we believe farmers would continue to conduct open field burning.  


By rule, only biochar that is buried, used as a soil amendment or in animal feed qualifies for payment. Farmers must show the final use of any char for which they wish to be compensated on the blockchain using photos, videos, and/or receipts. Our team and/or 3rd party verifiers make unannounced, random checks to ensure that the biochar actually sequesters CO2 for the long-term


The value of an STS token reflects the familiar value of "carbon emissions reduction" (CERs), the too often ignored value of CO2 permanently removed from the atmosphere, (CO2R), and the environmental, social and economic value (social impact) of biochar production by the once entirely ignored, billions of smallholder farmers in the developing world. To keep the STS's valuation current, our team monitors the market prices of CERs and CO2Rs, and adjusts the price we pay smallholders accordingly.


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We offer custom solutions and pricing to meet your CSR or ESG goals.